Meet the The Roossinck Family

Meet the Roossinck Family and learn about their generations of apple growing in Michigan!

The Schwallier Family
Learn about the tradition and pride of apple growing from the Schwallier family in Sparta, Michigan.

The Youngquist Family
Growing high quality Michigan Apples is a long-standing tradition for the Youngquist Family! Find out what it’s like to be a Michigan Apple Grower!

The Wittenbach Family
Learn about the Wittenbach Family’s long tradition of growing Michigan Apples.

The Alpers Family
Learn about the Alpers Family’s long tradition of growing Michigan Apples.

Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Third Leaf Farms

Third Leaf Farm

For Kyle, apple farming is not just a profession; it's a language he grew up speaking with his father, grandfather, and brothers. As far back as he can remember, Kyle was eager to help out on the family farm and formally began working in the orchard when he was sixteen. These early years marked the beginning of an exciting journey that would take him around the world and back.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Centennial Farms

Centennial Farms

Conklin, Michigan, is home to Centennial Farms, where the Umlor family legacy continues to blossom. The farm started back in 1930 with 80 acres and has now grown into a thriving family farm sprawled across two counties. Today, owners Roger and Mark have taken pride in carrying on the family farm their father, Bob, and grandfather, Walter, created. With a rich history spanning beyond four generations, this farm is a testament to dedication and a deep love for growing apples.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Grabemeyer Farms

Grabemeyer Farms

Grabemeyer Farms, tucked away in the southwest corner of Michigan, is a cherished agricultural treasure with a rich heritage dating back to 1860. What makes this farm truly special is its resiliency and steadfast dedication. The farm has thrived under the care of the same family for six generations. The legacy continues today with brothers Dave and Don, alongside their sons Brian and Mike, who together manage over 70 acres of bountiful apple orchards in the heart of Dowagiac, MI.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - B&L Orchards

B&L Orchards

Located in Conklin, MI, Michigan Apple grower Brent Klein is part of a father-son duo that brings a legacy of agriculture roots and experience spanning four generations. With a wide range of skills and abilities, Brent is often referred to as a ‘Jack of All Trades,’ making him an agile and efficient asset to the family business.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Dunneback & Girls

Dunneback & Girls

Almost a century ago, in 1922, Edwin Dunneback embarked on a journey that would shape the future of a picturesque farm nestled in Alpine Township. With 170 acres of rich Michigan soil, Edwin tended to a diverse bounty of apples, peaches, corn, hay, and even a cherished herd of dairy cows. The Dunneback family story was just beginning to unfold.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - King Orchards

King Orchards

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of northern Michigan, atop gently rolling hills that overlook pristine lake waters, King Orchards stands as a cherished gem. Opening its doors back in 1980, when brothers John and Jim King embarked on their farming journey, this idyllic orchard has now gracefully passed into the capable hands of the second generation. Today, the legacy continues under their skillful stewardship, crafting a narrative of tradition and progress.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - PG Orchards

PG Orchards

In the heart of West Michigan, where fertile soil meets the boundless rolling hills, stands a testament to perseverance and passion: PG Orchards. A beacon of apple-growing excellence, this family farm is the result of dedication, grit, and handed-down wisdom. Meet Patrick Goodfellow, the visionary farmer who built his business from the ground up.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Alt Brothers

Alt Brothers

Growing up on a centennial farm was nothing extraordinary for seventh-generation fruit grower Denny Alt. It was just second nature to him, a heritage that he always planned to continue at their farm in Comstock Park, Michigan.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - The Kugel Family

Kugel Farms

Established in 1930, Kugel Farms is a place where family and farming come together. Nestled in the heart of Southwest Michigan, its idyllic location lends itself to ideal growing conditions with rolling hills, fertile soil, and a temperate climate thanks to the Lake Michigan coast 15 miles away.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - J Engelsma Orchard

J Engelsma Orchards, Inc.

Jim Engelsma’s grandfather George bought an 80 acre farm in 1920 and began farming 18 dairy cows and 35 acres of raspberries and other vegetables on the land that is now called J Engelsma Orchards, Inc. Jim’s father was the first person to plant apple trees on their land. Currently, Jim farms 145 acres of apples and peaches and his fresh apple cider has won many awards over the years.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Travis Bratschi and Family

Travis Bratschi and Family

Travis Bratschi started working on his grandpa’s cherry and apple farm every summer beginning at age seven. Farming all the way through high school, Travis learned the key components to good farming practices and found himself back on the farm after graduating college and working at a pest control company for two years. He says he has a passion for working in the fruit industry and hopes to keep expanding his farm in the future.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Joe Rasch Orchards, Inc.

Joe Rasch Orchards, Inc.

Growing up on an apple farm, working in the apple industry seemed like second nature to Joe Rasch. Joe Rasch Orchards, Inc. now has two locations in Conklin and Sparta, where he harvests apples and cherries every season. His five children, Jessica, Rob, Katie, Emily and Liz, get to experience the same everyday lifestyle that their dad had growing up on an apple farm.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - The Kropf Family

The Kropf Family

Chris and his wife, Kim, purchased the 135 -acre family farm, all in apples, about five years ago. A fourth-generation apple grower, Chris has a long history with the land which is ideally situated for apple production with nearby lakes.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - Dietrich Orchard

Dietrich Orchards

Dietrich Orchards was started by Al Dietrich's great-great grandfather Joseph Dietrich five generations ago and the family business has remained intact ever since. However, Al, his brother Joe and his cousins Mike and Jim, have split the business into two operations. Al and his brother run Ridgeview Orchards and his cousins run Leo Dietrich and Sons. The two operations still operate through Dietrich Orchards, the packing, storing and shipping portion of the business.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - The Umlor Family

The Umlor Family

Roger's grandfather, Walter Umlor, bought the land in 1930 and started the farm with 80 acres, which has always been heavy in fruit production. Today, there is one main farm in Conklin, as well as two satellite farms in the Hart and Shelby area, consisting of about 600 total acres and over 340 acres of apples. Roger, along with his father Bob, uncle Ray, brother Mark and cousin Steve run the farm together.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - The Klein Family

Joe Klein and Joe Klein Jr.

Joe Klein and Joe Klein Jr. are a father-son team who own and operate two farms in Sparta, along with a satellite farm in Hoover. Joe is the second generation to own Royal J Klein Farms, which was founded in 1940 by Joe's father and uncle.
Meet Michigan Apple Growers - The Wittenbach Family

The Wittenbach Family

The family farm was started in 1900 by Ed's grandfather, Fredrick Wittenbach. It began as a dairy farm, with a small apple orchard. After receiving his horticulture degree from Michigan State University, Ed returned to the farm and took over the family business. He decided to get out of cattle and focus on apples. Ed's vision paid off. His orchard has blossomed to 225 acres and continues to be a profitable family-run business.