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King Orchards

Operating two prominent farm market stands and cultivating a diverse array of fruits and vegetables, King Orchards finds its heart in the charming town of Central Lake, Michigan. Notably, apples have emerged as a cornerstone of their offerings, a vibrant testament to their dedication. The orchards proudly boast fifteen distinct apple varieties, each telling a story of flavor and heritage. Among these, the Empire apple has garnered a special place in the family’s affections.

Amidst the glacier-carved ridges, nutrient-dense soil, and lake-moderated temperatures, King Orchards has the ideal conditions for growing Michigan Apples. Second-generation farmer Juliette King McAvoy discovered her calling, bidding farewell to a corporate career in Chicago to embrace her ties to the land. With unwavering conviction, Juliette shares, “This farm embodies a profound mission that resonates deeply with me. I wanted to contribute to our mission of providing wholesome produce to consumers while bringing joy to all who visit the farm.

The spirit of kinship pulses at the heart of King Orchards, where each member brings their unique vantage point to this collective business, enhancing its rhythm and ensuring its vitality throughout the year. As seasons turn and stories unfold, King Orchards remains an enduring testament to the past, a beacon of the present, and a promising venture for the future.

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