Please contact the Michigan Apple Committee at 800-456-2753 or to obtain the logo in the appropriate format for your purpose. MAC asks that you follow the usage guidelines listed below.

Michigan Apple Committee Logo Usage Guidelines

Like all logos for any product or name, the Michigan Apple Committee (MAC) logo has usage standards. Please observe the specs and guidelines below. Do not make any changes to the MAC logo.

  • Use only the approved, current logo. Use of previous versions of the MAC logo is prohibited.
  • Use logo only as provided.
  • Use only the colors provided.
  • Leave space around the logo, never enclose it in a shape or other effect.
  • Never rearrange, or modify size or position of elements of the logo.
  • Never stretch, rotate, distort or alter proportions of the logo.
  • Never surround the logo with, or place over, a pattern or design.

Color Palette

Below are the Pantone® Matching System (PMS) colors and CMYK colors for the MAC logo. The logo may also be used in a provided Black and White format.

Red – PMS 193
Green – PMS 364

CMYK Colors

Red – 0/100/66/13
Green – 65/0/100/42


The following resolutions are recommended for optimal quality in either print or electronic uses. Print files may be zipped to reduce file size to send through email.

300 dpi – Print
72 dpi- Electronic