Starting with the 2023 crop year, Michigan Apple Committee will no longer be engaging in Retail Marketing efforts. Marketing programs will still be available through the fresh apple sales organization you work with. Find Michigan Apple shippers/sales organizations.

Over the past few years, the Michigan Apple Committee Board of Directors has been discussing shifting the scope of work to an emphasis on consumer-facing work. As you are aware, times and trends continue to change in the retail marketplace, and we feel that MAC’s best contribution to the current retail climate is to focus on education and communications aimed at driving consumer demand. In this way, we can support retailers’ marketing efforts while avoiding duplication of efforts.

Be assured that MAC will continue to be a resource for information, social media content, and consumer support. We will continue to publish the Retailer Resources email, engage in Retail Dietitian outreach and develop consumer-targeted informational & support materials to help you with your marketing plans.

MAC is dedicated to providing a smooth transition as Michigan’s sales organizations take on the full marketing support with retail partners.

Michigan Apples Getting Prepped for Retail Sale