Michigan Apple growers and shippers work hard to get the best tasting apples to your stores looking great and tasting fresh. Careful handling can translate into increased retail sales.

Making sure the apples keep a fresh, unblemished look is now in the hands of your produce department. Here are some tips:

Handle with Care:

  • Remember apples bruise easily.
  • Never squeeze, throw or drop apples.
  • Minimize handling.

On Display:

  • Discard bruised, blistered or punctured apples.
  • Place newer apples on bottom and older ones on top.
  • Use signs and displays to increase sales.

Entice Customers:

  • Offer free samples.
  • Conduct cooking demonstrations.
  • Use promotional tools from Michigan Apple Committee.

Upon Delivery:

  • Stamp boxes with shipment date.
  • Store in climate-controlled atmosphere (34º F is optimal).
  • Rotate boxes in the storage area.
  • Use older apples first.

When Re-Ordering:

  • Pay attention to buying habits.
  • Order according to demand.
  • Offer several varieties.
  • Keep supply of fresh apples in storeroom.