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PG Orchards

In 2006, Patrick left his full-time job at the road commission to build his own legacy. Armed with a wealth of knowledge passed down through five generations of apple growers, he bought his first farm at the age of 23. But Patrick’s vision reached far beyond the boundaries of his orchard. Within the first several years, he added storage facilities, trucking, and part-ownership at a packing facility.

Raised in a family of apple growers who cultivated nursery tree plantings, Patrick knew the hard work that comes with growing your own trees. He admits that it wasn’t as fun back in the ‘80s, but now with more experience under his belt, it’s valuable acumen to have in this industry, which is why he’s continued the tradition at PG Orchards. Patrick shared that there is an element of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment watching trees go from rootstock to full production.

PG Orchards has grown into a sustainable business, operating on over 325 acres. Patrick finds great pride in sharing this experience with his family and community. It’s not just a job; it’s a connection to his roots and a chance to create something all on his own.