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Dietrich Orchards

Dietrich Orchards boasts 24 years in the business, led by Al Dietrich. Al’s family includes his wife Helen, sons Dan, Mitchell, and Carl, along with daughters Kate, Grace, and Laura.

Al actively participates in key memberships and organizations, serving on the US Apple Association Board and previously contributing as a board member and Chairman of MACMA (Michigan Apple Committee).

Founded five generations ago by Joseph Dietrich, Al’s great-great-grandfather, Dietrich Orchards has sustained its family legacy. Al, his brother Joe, and cousins Mike and Jim now manage two distinct operations—Ridgeview Orchards and Leo Dietrich and Sons. While Ridgeview Orchards, led by Al and his brother, has expanded to 630 acres since Al joined in 1984, the overall enterprise spans more than 1,100 acres, with 580 dedicated to apples. Both farms handle packing, storing, and shipping, providing these services through Dietrich Orchards. They also offer custom packing for local growers, processing substantial volumes—730,000 bushels of apples and 2.8 million pounds of fresh asparagus in 2007 alone. Ridgeview Produce serves as a primary outlet for their fresh apples.

Amidst this success, Al remains optimistic about the impact of health-conscious trends on apple consumption. He envisions that the ongoing emphasis on healthy living will drive consumer interest in fresh apples and other apple products, paving the way for sustained growth in the industry.

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