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Grabemeyer Farms

Location: Dowagic, MI
Growers: Dave, Don, Brian, and Mike Grabemeyer

Over the decades, the farm has evolved, expanding into a sprawling 2,200-acre operation that now produces a wide range of crops, including corn, soybeans, grapes, apples, and peaches. The tradition of hard work and dedication has passed seamlessly to the next generation. Brian and Mike take pride in preserving the farm’s legacy and instilling the values of diligence and determination in their children, the seventh generation, just like their parents did for them growing up.

Farming is no nine-to-five job, and they’re the first to admit that the work never truly stops, especially when managing multiple crops. As the apple season winds down, the Grabemeyer family seamlessly transitions into grape and grain harvests. The race against time to gather the harvest before the first snowflake falls is a true labor of love. But for the Grabemeyer’s, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing their hard work yield high-quality apples that find their way to your table. Despite its finicky growing conditions, Honeycrisp is the fan-favorite apple on the farm.

The Grabemeyer family has faced their fair share of challenging weather events like early spring freezes or summer hail storms. Still, their resilience and dedication to preserving the family business motivate them to keep growing. It’s also why they encourage consumers to take a moment to check product labels and opt for locally-grown produce whenever possible. In an era of high inflation and rising input costs, supporting local growers is more important than ever.

So, remember to savor the taste of tradition and quality by choosing local, and take a bite of Dowagiac’s finest apples from Grabemeyer Farms.

Pictured Left to Right: Don Grabemeyer with grandkids Kendal and Raylan and Dave Grabemeyer with grandchildren Blake and Olivia