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Alt Brothers

The Alt family’s farming legacy commenced in 1893 along 7-mile road, and today, Denny, alongside his father Steve and brothers Doug and Bryan, upholds this enduring tradition. Specializing in over fourteen apple varieties and managing row crops, their commitment extends to a Pioneer Seed distribution business. Armed with a recent degree in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University, Denny brings modern insights back to the farm, blending innovation with time-tested methods.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree, Denny’s focus on bridging technology with inherited wisdom defines his approach to successfully steering a family business. The seamless integration of modern research with traditional practices underscores the Alt family’s commitment to sustained success.

Gala stands out as Denny’s preferred apple variety to cultivate, flourishing in their optimal soil, elevated terrain, and a climate conducive to a bountiful harvest of high-quality apples each year.

At the core of the Alt family’s ethos lies a dedication to sustainability and innovation, echoing the significance of local, family-run enterprises. This commitment not only preserves a rich farming heritage but also positions the Alt family as stewards of both tradition and progress.

Transitioning seamlessly from past to present, the Alt family’s legacy is marked by a journey that began in 1893. Today, with Denny, Steve, Doug, and Bryan at the helm, the farm not only thrives on over fourteen apple varieties but also embraces row crops and a Pioneer Seed distribution business. Denny’s recent graduation from Michigan State University, armed with a degree in Crop and Soil Science, exemplifies a deliberate effort to infuse the farm with contemporary knowledge.

In cultivating Gala, Denny taps into the family’s expertise, leveraging optimal soil, elevation, and a favorable climate to ensure a consistent yield of premium apples annually. The family’s proficiency in growing this variety underscores their mastery of the land and commitment to quality. Gala, with its crisp sweetness, has become more than just a variety for the Alt family; it represents the culmination of their dedication to excellence. The farm’s optimal conditions result in Gala apples that not only meet but exceed market expectations, a testament to the Alt family’s unwavering commitment to producing the finest quality.

What sets the Alt family apart is their dynamic approach to farming. Denny’s blend of innovative techniques with tried-and-true methods passed down through generations, serves as a blueprint for their success. The fusion of modern research with traditional practices showcases a commitment to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

This commitment extends beyond the orchard. The Alt family champions sustainable practices, acknowledging the role of local, family-run businesses in shaping the agricultural landscape. By embracing innovation and upholding time-honored values, the Alt family embodies a harmonious coexistence of tradition and progress.

The Alt family’s story is a narrative of resilience, evolution, and a dedication to stewarding the land through generations. Their legacy, rooted in 1893, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of family farming. In an era where agriculture is shaped by technological advancements, Denny, Steve, Doug, and Bryan exemplify a harmonious integration of the past and present, fostering a thriving farm that stands as a beacon of sustainability and excellence in the heart of Michigan.

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