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Third Leaf Farm

The allure of the apple, coupled with its history’s romantic appeal, beckoned him toward a life in perennial agriculture. After completing college, Kyle set out on a globetrotting adventure, and with each mile he traversed, his appreciation for the apple industry grew deeper. In the heart of India, he found himself staying in a prime apple-growing region, where he traded wisdom about apple cultivation with local apple growers.

Kyle’s passion is as distinctive as the name of his farm, “Third Leaf”, which is a nod to the third generation of his family’s farming legacy. He also shares that the first leaf of an apple tree symbolizes its first year of planting, and the third leaf means the tree will begin to bear fruit.

But Third Leaf is no run-of-the-mill farm. It’s a regenerative oasis where innovation and sustainability reign supreme. Kyle is always looking for cutting-edge practices and technologies to ensure their farm remains at the forefront of the industry. They’ve embraced disease-resistant apple varieties, harnessed the power of drones for precise fruit monitoring, and adopted high-density tree systems. To top it all off, they’ve ventured into the realm of sap testing to gain real-time insights into the health of their apple trees.

Kyle’s deep-rooted pride in Michigan’s apple community shines through when he talks about it. “There’s a wealth of wisdom among Michigan’s apple growers, thanks to the close-knit collaboration among our many small family farms,” he shares.

And when it comes to resources, Kyle shared their secret weapon – the mighty Great Lakes. With an abundance of water at their disposal, the Michigan apple industry is well-equipped to weather the storms of climate change, making it a beacon of resilience and relevance.

In the world of apples, Kyle Rasch and Third Leaf Farm are not just pioneers; they are the embodiment of a bright and optimistic future for apple farming in Michigan and beyond.

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