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Dunneback & Girls

Location: Alpine Township, MI

Growers: Suanne Shoemaker, Stephanie Ginsberg, and Sarah Stoddard

The Dunneback farm became a beacon of community, hosting iconic barn dances and joyous celebrations throughout the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. As the second and third-generation family members took over the farm, the U.S. had just entered into the Vietnam War. Edwin’s grandson Michael was sent overseas, leaving Pam and Suanne to run the farm with their father. However, tragedy struck in 1969 when the family received the devastating news that Michael had fallen in the line of duty.

In the face of unbearable grief, Pam decided to make a poignant change. With tears in her eyes, she climbed up to the barn and, as a symbol of resilience and unity, replaced “& Sons” with “& Girls.”

Today, you will find that tenacity carried on through Suanne and her daughters, Stephanie and Sarah. Their commitment to the land has evolved into a vibrant community staple, boasting a restaurant, brewery, and agrotourism. Here, you’ll discover pink John Deere tractors nestled among thriving apple orchards and a cornucopia of locally grown produce. It’s a place where the spirit of Michigan agriculture thrives and where the Dunneback family’s enduring dedication to their roots flourishes.

The market displays an array of fresh apple varieties, especially the family favorite, Fuji. The Dunneback Girls’ favorite part of continuing the legacy of the farm is the chance to show the community how apples are grown, harvested, and enjoyed.

The Dunneback Girls are passionate about growing Michigan apples and sharing their love of apples with the community. They offer U-pick, farm tours, and harvest dinners in the orchard. Inside their market, you can find fresh Michigan apples and over a dozen apple-inspired menu items to enjoy!

Dunneback & Girls