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Detroit’s Eastern Market – Alyson Wendzel

On October 8th I had the chance to go to Detroit and visit the Eastern Farm Market. Lucky enough for me and all of the visitors, it was a beautiful, sunny day; perfect weather for an occasion such as this.

When we arrived, I was expecting a normal size farm market with the usual food and flower vendors. I was in for a surprise when I realized Eastern Market was much more than that! People were selling everything from fruit, vegetables, plants, jewelry, and even dog treats! And of course the Michigan Apple booth was there too. One of my personal favorites was the people selling all different kinds of pies. He told me that apple pie was almost always his biggest seller and also gave me a few of his secrets that I will definitely put to good use.

It was really great to be able to answer all the questions people had about Michigan apples and even better to hear that everybody preferred Michigan apples to other apples. I loved seeing how enthusiastic kids were about apples too! They were so excited to receive Michigan apple stickers and bookmarks and to tell me how much they loved apples. They have great taste. Although I enjoyed every part of Eastern Market, I’d have to say my favorite part of the day was the hula hoop contest! I have a hidden talent that I never knew I had! I was able to hula for a good minute! It was great to spend my day and share my love of Michigan apples with everybody.