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Our Visit to Uncle John’s Cider Mill

Back in October, Michelle and I got to visit Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St. John’s, MI. She picked me up after class and we spent the rest of the morning talking to Mike Beck, owner of Uncle John’s.

When we arrived, Mike walked us through the back of the mill showing us where their apples get packaged and cleaned. He also showed us how they put labels on the jugs of apple cider that they sell. I’ve never had the privilege to be “behind the scenes” at a cider mill, so all of the machines he showed us fascinated me!

As we walked behind the front desk of the cider mill, Mike gave Michelle and me a donut hot off of the deep fryer. The donut was so warm and fresh, I wanted to have more! He also gave us a cup of their delicious cider. We sat in the cider mill and ate with him while he told us about everything that Uncle John’s has to offer.

He told us that Uncle John’s is a family owned business and said that he loves his job because he gets to work with the people that he loves every day. The cider mill has been in his family since the 1970’s, and Mike said that they plan to continue passing it down for many generations to come.

Uncle John’s has more to offer than just cider and donuts. The atmosphere is very family-friendly. There are playgrounds and picnic tables scattered throughout the area for families to enjoy together. Michelle and I walked around their gift shop which is filled with different kinds of toys, jewelry and home decor. We also walked around their bakery that has the most amazing aroma when you walk in. The bakery offers all kinds of apples, breads, pies, and fudge. For adults, Uncle John’s also has a winery that offers complimentary wine tasting.

Overall, we had a great time at Uncle John’s Cider Mill. Mike Beck was very friendly and all of the shops were charming and filled with food that I am looking forward to trying. I plan on going back to buy more cider, donuts and apples!