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Introducing the 2010 Michigan Apple Queen & Court

Kirstin Miller – 2010 Michigan Apple Queen

Hello! I am Kirstin Miller, the 2010 Michigan Apple Queen! I am from Vassar, Michigan, and I have been a part of our family farm, Miller’s Family Orchard, from the time I was born. Whether I was making donuts, helping my dad jug cider, leading customers out to the U-pick orchards, or picking the fruit myself, apples were a big part of my life every fall.

I am very grateful to finally have time to relax after a whirlwind of a semester that that ended in a busy finals week with the Michigan Apple Queen Pageant right in the middle of it. It will be nice to spend the holidays with family and friends.

Although last week was a little stressful, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had an awesome time. The pageant was a truly great experience! I had the pleasure of meeting five lovely girls not to mention all the great people that are a part of the Michigan Apple Committee.

I was a little nervous walking into the Ambassador Ballroom for rehearsals the morning of the pageant. I didn’t know what to expect and had only recently signed up. My nerves were quickly eased when I saw all the smiling faces surrounding me. I was excited to see the stage decorated in my favorite color, pink, with beautiful decorations. Rehearsal started and it all began to come together. It was at that point that I got really excited!

After rehearsal, we were all able to go back to our rooms to get ready for the interviews with the judges. At this point, I was a little nervous, but I felt that I was ready. Having a lifetime of preparation growing up on my family orchard, I knew I would be able to answer just about any question that was asked of me. When I got into the interview room, I realized there was no need to be nervous at all. All three of the judges were very nice, and the interview turned into more of a conversation.

After the interviews were complete, we all headed back up to our rooms to finish our final preparations for the pageant. As I started to get ready, the excitement grew. We headed down to the lobby for some quick pictures; then we were ready to get started. I was very happy when I found out what the stage question was because it directly related to my life and my career aspirations. I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University studying pre law. I would like to work as an international trade lawyer.

I am so excited for the year ahead of me as the 2010 Michigan Apple Queen! I am sure that shortly after I begin my new semester with 18 credits, I will be ready for the trip to the Sunshine State to judge the National Pie Contest. Plus, who doesn’t love apple pie?!? I am very excited for all the parades too, most especially the Bavarian Festival Parade because it’s right in my area, and I am sure to see tons of friends and family. I look forward to meeting many people and representing the Michigan Apple Industry with pride.

(Photograph courtesy of Lisa Shaffer Photography)

Katie Rasch – First Runner-Up

Hello, my name is Katie Rasch and I am the first runner-up on the 2010 Michigan Apple Queen Court.

I am so excited for this opportunity to represent such a great industry, and I am equally as excited to be part of such an amazing court! I am sure that Kirstin and Amanda will agree that it is definitely worth all the nerves and preparations leading up to the pageant!

My family has been in the apple farming industry for over 100 years, and I have had the opportunity to work at both my dad’s 400-acre farm, Joe Rasch Orchards in Conklin, and his and my Uncle Bruce’s packing plant, Fruit Ridge Apple Company in Sparta. After working 7 days a week rain or shine (unfortunately more rain than shine) this harvest, and now working on packaging and finding room to store this AMAZING crop that the growers were blessed with this year, I have immense respect for all those involved in the industry. I know that I am standing behind so much hard work and a product that has unbeatable quality and I could not be prouder!

I am excited to share my knowledge of the industry and the importance of buying local through the different events we will participate in this year. I am especially excited about reading apple books to children at schools and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. I know that this year will be a great experience for me and I am so thankful to all those involved in the industry for this opportunity!

Amanda Geldersma – Second Runner-Up

Hello everyone! I am Amanda Geldersma your 2010 second runner up on the Michigan Apple Queen Court.

What an exciting month this has been for me! I am thrilled about my recent title win and am looking forward with much anticipation for this coming year’s events. I am especially excited about my involvement in elementary school readings, festivals, parades, and the other various opportunities I will have to promote Michigan Apples and represent this incredible industry throughout the state.

I am a third generation apple grower, and take much pride in producing the finest apples in the world. I can not think of a better opportunity for me than to serve the industry that I have lived and worked in my entire life. For years I have enjoyed educating customers at my family’s market and am so honored to now have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for Michigan Apples with you and your families.

I can’t wait for the wonderful year to come. Thank you all for your support!

Introducing the 2010 Michigan Apple Queen & Court