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Inaugural Dessert to Feature Michigan Apples

50 pounds of locally-grown apples used in giant cheesecake

Giant apple cheesecake to feature 50 pounds of Michigan Apples

Eli’s Cheesecake chefs have really outdone themselves this time with a 500-pound cheesecake featuring filling made from fresh Michigan Apples for the Commander in Chief’s Inauguration Ball on Tuesday, Jan. 20 in Washington, D.C.

In addition to 50 pounds of Michigan Apples, the mind-boggling grocery list for the dessert includes:

  • 100 pounds of cream cheese
  • 50 pounds of powdered sugar
  • 126 eggs
  • 30 pounds of sugar
  • 30 pounds of butter
  • 25 pounds of sour cream
  • 15 pounds of flour
  • 4 cups of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla
  • 15 pounds of brown sugar
  • 12 tablespoons of cinnamon

The apple-filled cheesecake was chosen in keeping with the Abraham Lincoln inaugural theme. (FYI: Lincoln was quite the apple lover.)

The dessert, with a 42-inch base, is expected to feed 3,000 Purple Heart recipients and military families at the ball, with leftovers going to a local food bank.

To learn more, visit www.elicheesecake.com/inauguration09.aspx