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Michigan Apple Committee Releases Lesson Plan

Contact: Denise Yockey
(800) 456-2753

Just in time for Michigan Apple season, the Michigan Apple Committee is releasing a new apple-themed educational lesson plan for schools. The lesson plan will be sent to every elementary school in Michigan.

“Our new lesson plan incorporates lessons about the Michigan apple industry and apple folklore into tasks involving reading, math, science and social studies,” said Denise Yockey, Executive Director of the Michigan Apple Committee. “We hope that Michigan's students can learn just how important apples, and agriculture in general, are to Michigan, while they're learning lessons in arithmetic and reading comprehension.”

The lesson plan is divided into sections about growing Michigan apples, Michigan apple varieties and more. Sections focus on reading, writing, science, math, health and social studies. Lessons are customized and marked for early elementary, upper elementary and middle school students.

The Michigan Apple Committee spent over a year revising a previous lesson plan, including working with a consultant to be sure the lesson plan fits into the Michigan Department of Education's content standards and benchmarks. It has been designed so that teachers can find specific materials easily and can access more information.

More teacher resources are available at MichiganApples.com, including updated apple information, resources and materials especially for schools.

The Michigan Apple Committee is a grower-funded nonprofit organization devoted to promotion, education and research activities to distinguish the Michigan apple and encourage its consumption by consumers in Michigan and around the world. For more information and recipes, visit MichiganApples.com.