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Your Daily Apple for Summer: Grill It or Chill It!

Over the Flame or from the Fridge: Six Ways to Enjoy Apples this Summer

Whether for good health or just for the halibut, apples are the ideal ingredient to mix up your favorite summer fare (think skewered apples and halibut kabobs)! This season, whether you and your friends prefer grilling or chilling, apples make the ideal companion for all summer adventures.

We all love and need apples year round, and in the summertime there are two very different yet very delicious ways to enjoy your daily apple: You can either grill it or chill it. Because most apples are naturally sweet, they liven up your cold beverages and also make the perfect pairing for savory, sizzling foods fresh off the grill. 

From Galas over the grill to Braeburns by the beach, try any of the six recipes below to grill or chill your daily dose of apples this summer.
Grill It with Bacon Apple Cheeseburgers: Top your grilled sliders with crisp apples for a sweet, savory and juicy crunch. Or, throw the apples on the grill for a softer texture that’s fantastic with a bold cheese (think blue!)
Chill It with Apple Sangria: When the temps start to go up, cool down with a refreshing pairing of apple slices, apple brandy, strawberries and grapes. Best served with a seat by the pool!
Grill It with Apple Salsa-Topped Pork Fajitas: Make an unforgettable Taco Tuesday courtesy shredded pork off the grill, made better by topping with a tasty salsa mix of apples, cilantro, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes and more.
Chill It with Cider-Pomegranate Sorbet: Your prescription for a 98-degree afternoon: Two scoops of this easy-to-make, superfood-packed sorbet.
Grill It with Apple Halibut Kabobs: Skewer up a delectable combo of apples, onions, red pepper and this perfect-for-the-grill fish.
Chill It with Apple Ginger Chillers: Chill responsibly with a cool combination of 100% apple juice, non-alcoholic ginger beer and vanilla syrup.