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Say “Woof!” to Lily, the Michigan Apple Spokespoodle!

Howdy dogs and dog lovers! I’m Lily, the Michigan Apple Spokespoodle and I’m here to express to you my deep love for Michigan Apples. 

Being a spokespoodle can be extremely hectic at times. Everyone’s always barking at me to do my work! Fortunately for them, I can do it all. From writing blogs to paw stamping envelopes to directing people to those tasty apple treats, I really am the go-to pooch. 

Luckily, after a hard day's work, I get to go home to my second love (apples being my first), my owner! She is awesome and she knows me better than anyone. My only complaint is that she won’t provide me with the endless supply of Michigan Apples that I request on the daily!

“What is this!?” I growl at my owner. “You get to eat delicious Michigan Apples everyday and I’m stuck here with dog food? I am outraged!”

Below: Lily hard at work.

It is truly tragic. I am forced to sit in front of the TV, day after day, as my owner watches these silly commercials claiming they know what food I desire – Do not believe them! Want to know the real food I crave? Yes, you guessed it. Michigan Apples, of course. 
At this point in my rant, you may be wondering why my heart is so set on these juicy snacks. Here’s a quick lesson to better understand my love for Michigan Apples:

• Michigan’s climate is ideal for helping growers produce several varieties of crisp, delicious apples – My personal favorites are Honeycrisp and Gala. Find your favorite variety on the Michigan Apples website.

• When dog food is processed, essential nutrients are destroyed, making whole foods, such as apples, essential to a dog’s diet.

• Buying locally grown Michigan apples are not only great for filling me up when I’m hungry, but they’re also beneficial to the growth of Michigan’s economy.

• Apples are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, allowing me to stay as healthy and beautiful as the day I was born! Find out more about health benefits for humans on the Healthy Living page of the Michigan Apples website.

As you can see, apples are a delicious and healthy snack for myself and dogs alike. I hope you enjoyed my first apple blog post and continue to tune in for many more!