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Rockford & Casnovia Parades – Hillary Heeren

Rockford Summer Celebration

On Saturday June 11th, I attended the Rockford Start of Summer Celebration Parade. I was very excited to participate in the parade held in my hometown. The day was cloudy but thankfully no spirits were dampened and the rain held off until after the parade. While on the parade route I heard many times how much Michigan Apples are appreciated, “We love Michigan apples!” Hearing the love of Michigan’s apples never gets old!

I was able to meet with many people while downtown. I also had a few different people tell me they buy our apples. The children were very excited to receive a Michigan apple sticker. The older kids liked to tell me their favorite kind of apple. Red Delicious and Honeycrisp were the most popular varieties. Overall the day was a brilliant success.


Saturday June 25th, I attended the Cazz Days Parade in Casnovia. Upon arriving I saw a sign declaring Casnovia as the Heart of Apple Country, so naturally I felt right at home! Thankfully the weather cooperated and the Village of Casnovia was very friendly and welcoming. I felt very lucky to have shared the parade route with many of the farmers who showcased their beautifully restored tractors. As with every parade this provided me with a wonderful opportunity to promote Michigan Apples.