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Reflection of my year as the 2009 Michigan Apple Queen

It has been a whirlwind of a year as Michigan Apple Queen. The year started off big as I traveled to the American Pie Festival in Orlando, Florida. On the first day of the festival, I served with hundreds of others as a pie judge. I was appropriately assigned the value apple pie division where I proceeded to try all 25 pies. It was fascinating to go through the food critique procedures, but I have to confess that I wrote a similar comment on most of the applicants – needs more apples. The next day I visited the endless pie buffet celebration. I admit that I did not eat my share as I was slightly worn out of pie from the day before. It was a great weekend and I came home with one conviction, the best pies are those served in grandma’s kitchen.

Shortly thereafter, we entered into parade season. As always, we rode on a beautiful float created by Great Lakes Floats. The season started out in my home away from home, Holland, Michigan. I am currently a student at Hope College so it was a lot of fun to ride down the streets at Tulip Time, with my classmates and teachers shouting out from the crowd. It was amusing to see the students I pass every day on the way to class with just a nod, now screaming my name at the top of their lungs.

The Frankenmuth parade proved to be as entertaining as it had been rumored from the queens before me. The people of Frankenmuth take their heritage (or at least adopted heritage) seriously. They came out in force with lederhosen and beverages aplenty. We completed the final block of the parade with the festival director on board, stein and all.

The time preceding the Cherry Festival was a lot of fun. There were floats lining every side street in preparation. Even an army of poodles waited patiently for its time in the spotlight. Walking the distance from our hotel to the float proved interesting as I posed for countless pictures with a Rotary Club in their tank tops and lawn chairs, a native man with in his regalia, and even the local favorite Union Guns.

The Sparta Town and Country Days parade sticks out to me for its sentimental value. It was fun to be in the heart of apple country surrounded by friends and neighbors, riding with my dad drive in the same car that he escorted my mother as Kent County Apple Queen twenty something years ago.

March is Reading Month 018The season followed with more parades and appearances. I covered many miles traveling to the Coast Guard Festival Parade, Fulton Street Market, Country Mill Apple Festival in Charlotte, Eli’s Cheesecake Festival in Chicago, Select Michigan Events in Detroit, and school readings at Lowell, Comstock Park, Kent City and Grand Rapids Public. The school readings are really fun because the kids are so excited to ask their questions. Some of my favorites have included: Are you a real princess? Do you live in castle? Is there an apple king and are there blue apples?

It has been fun sharing my passion for the apple industry with others this past year. It has been an extensive learning experience in patience, flexibility, hair and makeup. I thank the apple committee for honoring me with this title and I thank those that have helped and encouraged me throughout the year.

Reflection of my year as the 2009 Michigan Apple Queen