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My Year in Review

Over the past year I have been so honored to be the 2008 Michigan Apple Queen. I have met with so many amazing people, attended so many events and will cherish every one of the memories made.

My first major event was the national pie festival where I flew to Florida and was able to taste and rate more apple pies, than I think anyone would like to, in one day. Every one of the pies was unique and memorable but I still have not found a pie that out-beats my Grandma Dietrich ‘s apple pies.

The first parade that my court and I were able to attend was the blossom time festival, and even though blossom time is suppose to be in spring with the sun shining, leave it to Michigan to be freezing cold during the festival. I will never forget Emily, Angie, and I all huddled together before the parade started trying to keep warm. Then during the parade we were standing on our platforms, freezing, and it began to snow. Other parades we were able to attend were; The Frankenmuth Festival, Coast Guard Festival, Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and also the National Cherry Festival, however I was not able to make the Cherry Festival because I was in Australia for World Youth Day but my court did an excellent job representing the industry.

During the month of March I was very busy attending many schools and reading books about apples for March is Reading Month. I would like to thank all the schools for letting me attend and also thank all the children for being such great listeners and asking such great questions. I will never forget when one little boy asked me if I was born in an apple orchard. Thank you to Stoney Creek Elementary, Sparta Elementary, Grand Rapids Elementary schools, St. Isadore, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, Coopersville Public library, Sparta public library, and many more.

I was also able to attend the Cheesecake Festival in Chicago and make an appearance on the Chicago’s NBC morning news. At the festival Diane and I showed the audience great ways to cook their Michigan Apples and had them taste test varieties like the Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp. I would like to thank Marc Schulman for being such a great host and throwing an unforgettable event.

I also attended many farm markets throughout Michigan. Farm markets give the general public a chance to see what it is like to live on a farm and also provide great tasting Michigan apples and apple cider. Thank you to Westview Orchards, and Lewis Farm Market for being so nice and welcoming. Their farm markets were so much fun and I had a great time at each one.

I also attended many Select Michigan events at in-store promotions at Plums, Papa Joes, and Meijer, where I was interviewed by 95.7 W-Lite. WJR Radio also interviewed me and I was able to give them some great pointers on what kind of apple to use to make an unforgettable apple pie. Later that week I went to Plums Market where I met up with Melinda Curtis from Select Michigan and passed out delicious Aschatz apple pie.

Van Andel Arena also got in on the Apple celebration when they decided to throw an apple buffet for their Elephants. I was able to experience how apples are in everyone’s diet when Ringling Brothers Circus brought about nine of their African Elephants outside and let them taste some of Michigan’s great apples. They went through five bushels and were still hungry for more. I think the public really enjoyed this event and the clowns were also very entertaining.

In August my court and I attended a West Michigan Whitecaps Game to celebrate their Apple Day. I threw out the first pitch and was interviewed by Dan Elvie and Dave Skoczen, the broadcasters of the ballpark. When the game was over we passed out apples to all the attendants.

This year has really flown by and I am a little sad to see my reign coming to an end. I have had so much fun being the apple queen and this has been a year I know I will never forget. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me through this year including my parents, especially my mom, who drove me to all the events and made sure I had everything I needed. Also I would like to thank Diane Smith for scheduling all of my events and organizing my entire year, Emily Koenigshof and Angie Dietrich for being such a great court and always being there in case I couldn’t make an event, and I would like to thank the Michigan Apple Committee for providing such an opportunity for the young ladies in the apple industry. And finally thank you to all the apple growers of Michigan. They provide such a great product in Michigan and there is nothing better than a Michigan Apple.