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Monroe County Fair Parade – Hillary Heeren

On Sunday July Thirty-first I participated in the Monroe County Fair Parade. Before the parade began, I met Miss Michigan. As we began talking we found out we have many things in common the best of which was we both love Michigan Apples! I proudly presented her with a Michigan Apple pin to wear on her sash just like I wear on mine.

Like most summer days, the temperature soared but the heat did not deter people from coming out to watch the parade. I had a mom come up to me with her daughter and I think they asked me more questions about Michigan Apples than the judges when I was interviewed as a contestant in the Michigan Apple Queen Pageant! Of course I did not mind I found their desire to learn more about Michigan Apples very refreshing!

Monroe’s downtown area is beautiful with many stunning buildings as well as a statue of General Custer. I am very thankful to have been invited to participate in this wonderful event!