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Michigan Apple Day at Legoland – Alyson Wendzel

What an exciting Fall this is becoming! On September 27th I had the opportunity to visit Legoland in Schaumburg, IL to promote Michigan apples to the young visitors and their parents. Legoland is certainly a “made for kid’s” paradise and I can’t think of a better place to add the perfect finish to a day of fun with a wholesome, healthy Michigan Apple!! The kids and parents alike loved the Gala apples that were generously provided to hand out. The parents were also interested in the recipes and information we had for them while their children loved getting their pictures that Denise was taking with her “magic” Polaroid camera for an instant souvenir. I was enchanted with little children coming back to see me after they had made apples and hearts out of the crafts we gave them and offering them to me as “presents”. They are precious.

Talking to young children about Michigan Apples and letting them know what a healthy snack they are is always wonderful but it was even more enjoyable in an atmosphere that is all about and for kids. The staff at Legoland were fun to work with it was the first time that I had the chance to really meet and talk with Denise Donohue, our Michigan Apple Committee Executive Director. It was really nice having someone so informed about all aspects of the apple industry right there to lean on!

Many people at Legoland mentioned that they vacation in Michigan and always comment on how beautiful they find it. They really do enjoy Michigan Apples and the chance to support an industry that they observe and consider part of the beauty of rural Michigan. We’ll keep on pushing and promoting!