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Meet the Michigan Apple Interns

Michelle (left) and Ashlee (right)

The Michigan Apple Committee had two new interns start with our organization this fall. Ashlee & Michelle both attend Michigan State University and before they start blogging we thought it would be great to get to know them. Here are their interviews with each other…

Describe yourself in three words.

Ashlee– Friendly, Personable, driven

Michelle– Motivated, happy and easy-going

What is the best thing about the autumn season?

Ashlee-I love Halloween because I have fun crafting my costume, getting dressed up and spending time with my friends.

Michelle-I love when the leaves change, the weather starts to cool down and it is time for apple season

What is your favorite thing about MSU?

Ashlee-I love going to the football games and cheering for our men in green.

Michelle– I love walking around campus this time of year because the weather is perfect and campus is beautiful. Regardless of the season, Michigan State’s campus is always perfect.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Ashlee– My favorite place on campus is the trail is along the side of the Red Cedar River. It is so peaceful and beautiful especially during the autumn season, and I love going on relaxing walks.

Michelle– My favorite place is the Clarence E. Lewis Arboretum, a group of gardens that are out past the train tracks. There is a Japanese garden, a fruit and vegetable garden, English garden, etc. It’s so pretty especially in the fall and spring.


What is your favorite apple variety?

Ashlee– Honeycrisp- I actually didn’t know it was my favorite until I started working at the Michigan Apple Committee.

-Gala- my mom would always pack them in my lunches when I was a kid.


What Michigan Apple recipe do you want to try?

Ashlee-I want to try Chewy Apple Brownies. They look delicious and I love sweet treats!

Michelle– I want to try the apple salad with candied bacon and goat cheese. It was the 2011 winner for the Michigan Apple Committee, so I am sure it’s super tasty.


Caramel apple…plain or nutty?

– I am not a fan of caramel, so I would have to say neither. I prefer candied apples.
Michelle– I prefer to just have plain caramel apples

Favorite apple…sweet or tart?

– Tart

– a good mix between the two

What comes to mind when you hear, Michigan Apples?

– The fall season and going to the cider mills and orchards with my friends and family.

– I think of the fall season because I love going to the cider mills with my friends and family.

What is your favorite part about working for the Michigan apple industry?

– I like learning about Michigan Apples and the industry. I already know more about apples in this short amount of time that I have my entire life.

– My favorite part has definitely been meeting the growers. I have been traveling to a variety of apple orchards and cider mills throughout the state, and everyone I’ve talked to has been really friendly and helpful. I love seeing that they truly appreciate everything that the Michigan Apple Committee does for them.

What does your future look like (career wise)?

– I hope to move to a big city and work for a corporation or agency in the Public Relations field

-After I graduate, I hope to move to a city and work for a large corporation or non-profit that I am passionate about

What do you hope to learn from your internship at the Michigan Apple Committee?

– I have experience writing news release, but it will be interesting for me to really learn how to utilize programs that are used on a day-to-day basis in the public relations field.

– I want to have more hands-on experience working for a non-profit organization. I am interested to learn how smaller non-profit organizations stretch a dollar because my last internship was for a large corporation, which had more available funds to use for corporate communications and outreach in the community.