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Lewis Farm Market & Petting Zoo – Hillary Heeren

On Saturday October fifteenth I traveled to New Era and visited the Lewis Farm Market and Petting Zoo. Upon arriving I saw many people about the property. I first went inside the retail market where the smell of fresh Michigan Apple cider and warm homemade doughnuts was in the air. I was able to sample some of the Michigan Apple baked goods which were all scrumptious! I met many people who were very interested in Michigan Apples and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my Michigan Apple knowledge with them.

My next stop was out to the petting zoo where many people were very excited to see animals such as a camel, alpaca, a zebra, and the Lewis farm market’s mascot, a donkey. I had many children ask if I was a real princess. I told them “Yes! I rule over all the Michigan Apples!”

Many children were delighted to get caramel apple suckers as well as some pretty cool Michigan Apple tattoos! The parents enjoyed the activity books which were filled with fun things from coloring pages, history, word searches, and math problems all featuring Michigan Apples! For the older children I handed out Michigan Apple pencils to the pleasure of parents. One father exclaimed to his son, “Now you have no reason not to get your homework done”. I added, “And it is a great reminder to eat Michigan Apples”!

I also had the exciting experience of riding on the “Apple Express”. The express tours the Lewis farm through “haunted” woods, shows off a pumpkin cannon, and makes a stop in the orchard so visitors can pick their own fresh Michigan Apples.

The Lewis farm market staff made the day very pleasant and fun-filled. Even though the day was quite chilly with a strong wind, the weather did not deter many Michigan Apple fans from making the trip to the Lewis Farm Market to experience great Michigan Apples as cider, desserts, and straight from the tree. Once again, it was an amazing opportunity to experience one of Michigan’s great farm markets.