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Fall Preschool and Meijer Visits – Hillary Heeren

On Friday October twenty-first I was invited to read to Mrs. Youngquist’s morning and afternoon preschool classes in the Rockford School District. I read Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss. During this story the children all pretended to balance apples on their heads just like the characters in the book. I also read the story of Johnny Appleseed by Jodie Shepherd. The children thought it was very funny that a boy would wear a pan on his head. The afternoon class listened to Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie by Herman Parish. The children talked to me about what Michigan Apples they thought are best for apple pie.

The children asked me questions about what it’s like to be a princess as well as what my royal responsibilities are. I told them about being in parades, going to grocery stores, as well as farm markets, but most importantly sharing my passion of Michigan Apples! They were very interested in hearing about the different varieties of Michigan Apples. We discussed colors as well as patterns seen on apples.

My time with my new friends was much too short however I am sure they will be great ambassadors for the Michigan Apple industry with all their new knowledge.

The next day, I participated in chef demonstrations at two Meijer locations. The first demonstration was held at the Westland store. The second demonstration was held at the Allen Park store. The chef prepared Michigan Honeycrisp apple cheese quesadillas. The shoppers loved how healthy and quick the snack was. There were also Michigan Honeycrisp apple slices for those who love the simple taste of Michigan Apples.

Many customers were very excited to have the chance to pick up recipes which feature Michigan Apples. Such recipes to be picked up were Michigan Apple Pie, Turkey Apple Panini, as well as Michigan Apple Salsa among others. There were even recipes for the Michigan Apple quesadillas however they were soon gone because the shoppers could not get enough of the wholesome goodness!

Having the opportunity to visit two different stores afforded me the chance to visit with people of many cultures from around the state. Many of the people I spoke with about Michigan Apples were very impressed with how sweet the Honeycrisp were this year. Others enjoyed sharing with me their favorite Michigan Apple variety and how they prefer to prepare their Michigan Apples! It is always a pleasure to be able to answer the questions people have about Michigan Apples.

Many children were very excited to see the “Apple Princess” and to have their picture taken with me. Thank goodness many parents came prepared with cell phones with cameras! I was very happy to oblige and to pass out Michigan Apple pencils which are always a great hit with parents and children alike. It is always a delight to visit local food centers especially when they are promoting a great locally grown product like Michigan Apples!