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Drivers seek out orchard after national magazine spread

 (A follow-up to my previous entry regarding the fabulous feature article on a Michigan apple grower in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living.)

It was three days last fall (October 2007) when a crew of a half-dozen people from Martha Stewart Living magazine settled in at Herb Teichman’s place in Eau Claire, Michigan.

While Martha herself never showed, a team of writers, photographers and pie bakers converged on the farm situated as Herb describes “out here in the middle of nowhere on a bumpy country road.”

The crew made homemade apple pies in the farmhouse kitchen while Mrs. Teichman supervised. “They cleaned up after themselves and we were pleased to have them here,” said Mr. Teichman.

Pleased may be an understatement. The recent article has resulted in many making the trek to Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm.

“In fact, a couple just left who had read the article,” Mr. Teichman said last week when I spoke to him. “We’ve had many people pulling up with the magazine article lying on the front seat of their cars.”

Martha Stewart associates contacted Teichman a couple of years ago in search of a heritage apple called a knobbed russet (which by the way, there is a photograph of in the recentarticle) for her television show. The rest is history.

“We’re lucky because we’ve done little in terms of advertising. The media has been very kind to us.”

I think this marketing person has just found one of the most valuable resources in the state, if not in the country. Six full-color pages in Martha Stewart Living magazine – now that’s truly priceless! And he informs me the media attention will continue. Next fall his place will be featured in Michigan Living magazine.

Hats off to you, Mr. Teichman!