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Adventures of a First Runner Up – by Jessica Zelenock

Hello Everyone…this is Jessica Zelenock, 1st Runner-up to the Michigan Apple Queen.

Our next adventure took Amber and I to the west side of the state for a stop at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival – a week long celebration designed to honor those who sacrificed their lives in service.

My dad and I got off to a slow start after getting stuck in stand-still traffic for quite a while, but we made it right on time to join in the celebration.

Usually the parade brings in thousands of people eager to show their appreciation for the United States Coast Guard, and this year was no different. We were a little disappointed that it was raining but luckily the gloomy weather didn’t hang around too long.

Despite the rain, the street was still packed with people as spirits ran high throughout the whole parade. In fact, the crowd was so friendly, that Amber and I were handed apples and flowers as we drove past the crowd of on-lookers.

Both of us had a great time at the Coast Guard Festival and were happy to take home the an award for the awesome Michigan apple industry float.

Adventures of a First Runner Up – by Jessica Zelenock