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“Abbey the Intern” – Oh, the Endless Possibilities!

One thing I love to do is travel, and the Michigan Apple Committee gave me an awesome opportunity to do just that. Earlier this month, MAC sent me and Theresia, MAC’s office assistant, to Chicago for a weekend to showcase Michigan Apples at the Chicagoland Kids Expo & Fun Fair.

The Expo, which was held from March 8 to March 9, is an annual event for families to enjoy entertainment and learn about kid and family topics, such as nutrition, educational products, apparel, camps, schools, sport teams and more.

I met the 2014 Michigan Apple Queen, Elizabeth Wittenbach, and her family on the first day of the Expo. I was glad to finally meet them as they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever Abbey and Queen Elizabethmet. The kids were glad to meet Elizabeth, too. Their faces lit up with excitement when they saw the Queen for the first time, and they were even more excited when she sat down to color and interact with them.

That weekend, Theresia and I passed out Michigan Jonagold apples, which were a huge hit! The kids devoured them, and the parents couldn’t believe how fresh and crisp they were. Multiple people (including vendors) approached our booth telling us that they heard about how delicious Michigan Apples were and wanted to try one, too. It was no surprise when we saw familiar faces coming back for seconds.

Queen Elizabeth and Family at Kids tableAdditionally, we set up a small table for the kids to enjoy hands-on activities, such as Michigan Apple coloring books, crayons, pencils, Wikki Stix, temporary tattoos and stickers. We also had a larger table that included recipe cards, brochures and other take-home promotional items for the parents.

Working at the Expo and representing the Michigan Apple Committee was a great learning experience for me. I became comfortable talking with consumers about Michigan Apples, and I even surprised myself with the amount of questions I was able to answer without help. Moreover, I learned how much time and effort goes into planning for an event.Tattooing

I’m thankful to have an internship that has taught me so much and given me so many opportunities to grow. The skills I’ve acquired from interning at MAC will lead me down a path to endless possibilities. Even though all good things must come to an end, I’m eager to see what’s about to begin.