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A “SPARTAcular” Apple Affair!

Hillary Heeren – Michigan Apple Queen Court

On July sixteenth, I attended the Sparta Town and Country Days Parade. The Village of Sparta holds a special place in my heart because it was where I attended school. I still have fond memories of participating in the homecoming games in which the four high school classes fiercely competed for the “Red Apple” trophy!

Going back to Sparta, I knew I would be more than welcome because of the strong connections to the Michigan Apple Industry, be it apple growers, packers, shippers, or fans of great tasting Michigan Apples. While walking around before the parade, I was able to hand out Michigan Apple stickers to many children.

One of the highlights of this event was when I had time to visit with some of the farmers from the area to discuss this year’s apple crop. Currently, they all agree we should expect a good harvest.

Even though the mid-afternoon brought extreme heat, the people who attended the Sparta Town and Country Days Parade were undaunted in their cheering for Michigan Apples. Having attended and participated in this parade many times in the past, once again it was a “SPARTAcular” affair!