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Apple Salad with Candied Bacon and Goat Cheese

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Apple Salad with Candied Bacon and Goat Cheese


Created by Diane Nemitz of Ludington, Michigan

  • 6 slices bacon, diced

  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar

  • 3 honeycrisp apples, cut into one-inch dice

  • 1/2 cup walnut halves, toasted

  • 4 oz. goat cheese, cubed

  • 3 cups baby arugula


  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup

  • 1/4 cup cider vinegar

  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil


  • 4 Servings

Fry bacon until crisp, then drain off most of fat. Add maple syrup and brown sugar to pan, cook and stir until bacon is well coated with melted sugar. Remove from pan onto Silpat or parchment paper.

Combine remaining salad ingredients in a large bowl.

Whisk together dressing ingredients and toss with salad. Garnish with bacon.

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