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Parades, Pies and Promotion – An Update from the Michigan Apple Queen


Thus far, I have had a very exciting year as the 2010 Michigan Apple Queen.  My year of events began close to home in Frankenmuth Michigan at Zehnder’s annual Snowfest.  I got to judge the Michigan Apple Pie Contest, and there is no better way to start the year off than trying to find the best apple pie in Michigan!  I saw a lot of familiar faces and tasted a lot of delicious and inventive pies.  Each contestant put their own twist on my favorite dessert.

After Snowfest was over, I had a fairly quiet winter.  Then, a week before finals, when all my classmates were stuck in Mt. Pleasant feeling the usual pressure of the semester’s end, I was headed to Orlando, Florida to be a part of the American Pie Festival.  Before judging even began, I did several interviews, met Willard Scott, and even got to be on the Today Show!  I was placed in the commercial division, judging pies that can be purchased in stores and bakeries across the country.  I tasted a lot of apple pie, and by the end, I was just about pied-out.

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