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Introducing the 2012 Michigan Apple Queen & Court


Marissa Tidey, 2012 Michigan Apple Queen

Hello, my name is Marissa Tidey and I am honored to be representing the industry as the 2012 Michigan Apple Queen.  I am from Dowagiac Michigan and I am a sophomore at Grand Valley State University.  My grandfather, James Scherer, the owner and operator of James Scherer Fruit Farms has been a part of the industry for 32 years as a grower, packer, and shipper.  Ever since I was little apples have been a part of my life and continue to be.

As a little girl I loved to dress up and go to queen contests, but had never experienced the apple queen contest.  One day my mom mentioned it and I figured I’d give it a shot, never thinking I’d end up being crowned.  We spent all day working on our introductions, slow walks, and “queen feet” at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel on December 6.  I didn’t know anyone at first, but decided to take it as a learning experience and have fun.  All of the other contestants were around the same age, so it was very easy to talk and get to know one another.  The next thing we knew it was time for interviews with the judges and I knew this was really it; it was time, and my nerves had kicked in.  To my surprise, the judges were not as intimidating as I thought; they’re normal people who are just trying to get to know you and your personality.  The contest was the best part of the whole day yet seemed like it only lasted five minutes.  It was such a whirlwind, and the next thing I knew I was being crowned the new Apple Queen.  I soon realized what my year was going to be like as my duties started the very next morning, with meets and greets on the expo floor.

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